MSP Pain Points And Solutions for ROBO

A recent webinar presented by StorageCraft, an Arcserve company, identified major pain points for MSPs in the data backup and protection business.

  • July 31, 2021 | Author: Todd Hyten
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A recent webinar presented by StorageCraft, an Arcserve company, identified major pain points for MSPs in the data backup and protection business--especially those serving remote office and branch office (ROBO) customers. Junior Silva, senior product manager at StorageCraft, said in the webinar that StorageCraft found some hurdles MSPs face in this market. Do any of these sound familiar? 

Provisioning: In a highly distributed environment or a small but growing office, anticipating future data backup and storage needs is hard. Data growth seems especially difficult to predict. ROBO infrastructure changes frequently too—usually driven by business needs. 
High Touch: Who has the time to be an expert in every IT hardware product? Often, the MSP is dealing with the highly customized nature of infrastructure found in ROBO clients. This can lead to more service desk calls, eating into service profitability.
Lock-Ins: Many backup solutions force users to use proprietary backup destinations (the vendor’s cloud) and software—losing the flexibility to use in-house resources or data centers. There are other lock-ins too regarding how much storage capacity for having to upgrade to another device.
So how do you overcome these pain points? The webinar focused on a comparison of the StorageCraft OneXafe Solo direct-to-cloud backup appliance and another business disaster recovery (BDR) competing device. There were pluses and minuses for both products, of course, but what really made an impression was how OneXafe Solo addressed the above pain points. 
Provisioning difficulties can come down just how easy a solution is scaled out. OneXafe Solo is made for easy installation and easy agentless deployment. It may not seem like a big deal but installing agents on every device to be backed up matters in a highly distributed infrastructure with forty or fifty devices. Fast-growing ROBO environments are seldom static too—more devices are added all the time. 
Remote management from anywhere when teamed with simple setup means the MSP doesn’t need to be onsite for installation. This takes a deployment from high touch to minimal touch.
And finally, lock-ins are really about locking in the client to the vendor’s solution. It seems especially unfair if a client can’t have the flexibility to use their own resources for backup destinations. OneXafe Solo allows users to define target destinations in the cloud or in their own data center or NAS devices. This flexibility is exactly what ROBOs need to ensure more backup locations for better disaster recovery. 
In the end, MSPs don’t need complex, hard-to-scale solutions any more than their ROBO clients do. Simplicity isn’t just a nicety—it can be the result of knowing just what MSPs and their clients need.

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