Helping SMBs Recover In The Vaccine Era

For MSPs, this may be a perfect time to re-engage with SMB clients about their data management and backup as they try to ramp up, and they need the help.

  • May 4, 2021 | Author: Todd Hyten
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As we slowly move into the “vaccine era” of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is hoping that small and medium-sized businesses, especially hard-hit by crisis, will recover soon. 

The Consumer Confidence Index (as measured by The Conference Board) hit a one-year high in March. The percentage of consumers expecting improved business conditions over the next six months rose to 40.8 percent from 30.7 percent, a big one-month jump. 
For MSPs, this may be a perfect time to re-engage with SMB clients about their data management and backup as they try to ramp up, and they need the help. 
Small businesses face many hurdles when it comes to data management. Many do have small IT departments—or none at all. At the same time, threats from ransomware and other malware reached new peaks last year and are still with us.
When SMBs face a real data disaster, they are more seriously affected than their larger enterprise cousins. Think of: 
  • A dental office subject to a ransomware attack cannot access any patient data, including medical information and X-rays. Without access to that data, they literally cannot help patients. 
  • A law office with only few partners will generate mountains of data for each case—much of it critical, time-sensitive information. A single server crash can have ruinous consequences when court deadlines loom.
  • A small group of doctors in a joint practice still need to follow regulations for storing and safeguarding patient data just like a hospital. A breach of patient data can lead to regulatory fines and lost patients. 
In each of these cases the data disaster isn’t just an IT event – it brings their businesses to a screeching halt. For SMBs, speed of recovery is absolutely crucial. 
It’s also why the cloud is truly a great option for SMBs. Moving data off premises to the cloud does two key things: it secures the data with frequent and automatic backups to a safe, secure cloud, and it ensures fast restore and recovery of data in its uncorrupted or damage-free form. 
That means the speed of recovery of files and folders can happen in seconds – and entire systems in minutes. That’s the same kind of disaster recovery that larger enterprises rely on. 
MSPs who can solve their SMB client’s problems with a right-sized solution will go a long way to help them recover as the economy hits the “vaccine era” of opening. 
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