Companies Shifting Focus On Cybersecurity Responsibilities

Corporate boards are beginning to see that security isn’t just IT’s responsibility—and that will affect how data protection products and services are acquired.

  • January 10, 2022 | Author: Rich Castagna
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Nearly 90 percent of corporate boards of directors indicated that they now regard cybersecurity as a key business concern—and not just the responsibility of IT—according to a recent Gartner survey.

That really marks a stunning turn of events in how enterprises regard and plan to deal with data protection. Essentially, the survey results reveal a new way of thinking about cybersecurity that doesn’t take IT security off the hook but rather broadens data protection responsibilities across all business units.
“IT and security leaders are often considered the ultimate authorities for protecting the enterprise from threats,” Paul Proctor, Gartner VP and distinguished analyst is quoted in the news release. “Yet, business leaders make decisions every day, without consulting the CIO or CISO, that impact the organization’s security.”  
The survey announcement also explains that the changes in corporate attitudes are likely the results of coping with stepped up ransomware and supply chain attacks experienced during 2021.
Any organization reselling cybersecurity or more traditional data protection products or services should sit up and take notice, as the change in boardroom perspective is bound to affect how companies shop for and implement security products and processes.
It’s possible that your key contact at an enterprise won’t be an IT pro—or at least expect to see plenty of non-technical attendees at your sales meetings. You may need to learn a new language, too, one that relies less on technological discussions and more on business issues such as supply chain maintenance.
It would be prudent to brush up on corporate process to be able to look beyond hardware and software solutions and to understand a new set of contexts that you may not have had to deal with before. 
Inevitably, there will be some learning curves on both the sellers’ and buyers’ sides, but a mutual education process should make those challenges manageable. The bottom line is that the change in cybersecurity perspective is good for everyone as it elevates security and data protection to a companywide issue where it will finally get the attention it 

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