Good News For Data Protection Solution Providers

What’s interesting is that if you look at some of today's trends, they present an interesting opportunity to data solution providers.

  • August 25, 2021 | Author: Todd Hyten
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It’s always worth the time to visit after their most recent XChange event. does a good job of taking the pulse of solution providers, MSPs and VARs at these events to see what’s on their minds. In some of CRN’s recent coverage, it’s clear that many say cybersecurity is the fast-growth area—even more than in past years. Many are beefing up their security offerings to keep pace.

One solution provider, Tanaz Choudhury, president of TanChes Global Management, pointed out in this article what increasing growth in cybersecurity means for data solutions, too. 
“Up until last year,” said Choudhury, “I had two services attached to our three-year growth plan, and that was storage and security. Not that I’m going to throw storage away. Storage is still very much in line because the amount of security you put in is going to require that amount of storage to go with it if you’re going to have redundancies. It is two sides of the same coin.”
Other solution providers talked about the critical shortage in qualified employees (a national trend among enterprises). Another made an interesting observation about the increasingly segmented and siloed way that customers view security solutions. 
What’s interesting is that if you look at all these trends, they do present an interesting opportunity to data solution providers. Perhaps now is a good time to present clients with data protection solutions that address all these concerns. 
The right solution should combine enterprise-class data protection (backup, restore, replication, storage) and include easy management (web-based) tools that makes system and SLA-defined monitoring and reporting accessible—and customizable. What defines an enterprise-class data protection solution is its ability to work efficiently in this highly hybridized environment, both to store data from any data source and to restore to any recovery point or points in a large network.
When combined with cloud-based disaster recovery service, this kind of data protection solution takes much of the heavy data lifting out of any business continuity plan. As some of the solution providers’ comments from Xchange+ 2021 underscore, breaking down siloed approaches to solutions and providing easy-to-manage solution address many of today’s enterprise data needs. 
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