Are Your Clients Ready For The Zettabyte Data Boom?

Total world data in 2020 is around 50 zettabytes—possibly expanding to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Much of this data is unstructured data, with only about 10-20 percent of enterprise data residing in databases.

  • April 15, 2021 | Author: Todd Hyten
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Are we poised for an economic boom as the COVID-19 pandemic danger recedes? An article from makes a few salient points

  • Trillions of dollars will be pumped into the economy from government spending.
  • Even large amounts from the prior administration have yet to be spent.
  • Goldman Sachs recently revised its US GDP growth rate to 8 percent for 2021 (a number not seen for the US economy in 70 years).
  • It won’t just be the US. Even the Indian economy is projected to grow this year at a blistering pace. 
It’s good to be a little skeptical of these estimates but the general trend makes sense. Pent-up demand must go somewhere. 
This brings us to another upward trend. Before the pandemic struck, there were predictions about the coming exponential growth in data (doubling every two years). According to IDC, total world data in 2020 is around 50 zettabytes—possibly expanding to 175 zettabytes by 2025. 
Much of this data is unstructured data (10-20 percent of enterprise resides in databases). Unstructured data includes documents, image and video files, app-related data, etc. These files can be especially large: think of CAD files used in engineering, high-res X-ray files stored by hospitals or video surveillance files used by security departments or firms. 
That means you need to propose a truly scalable solution. The solution needs to do several things—and do them well—to provide value to your clients in a more complex data world. It needs to: 
  • Be a converged data solution that offers not just scalable data storage, but data protection too. 
  • Be truly scalable, meaning drives can be added quickly without disruption of service, with no reconfiguration needed or application downtime
  • Have a single global file system where data is easily deduplicated 
  • Accommodate both NFS and SMB file server protocols
  • Easily store data from different drive types (SATA, SAS)
  • Offer easy cloud-based management, accessible from any browser
  • Feature super easy installation with near-zero configuration
A truly scalable solution means health and monitoring should be as simplified as possible with a cloud-based solution. When the solution is married with the kind of cloud services that offer fail-over access, there’s little to worry about when disaster strikes. 
(Interested in a solution that meets the above criteria? Find out more about StorageCraft OneXafe.)

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